The popular Bulls Bag Shooting Rests have been recommended by the members of the National Tactical Officers Association under their “Member Tested and Recommended Products Program.” The X-7 Bulls Bag ADVANTAGE, the latest addition to the nearly twenty-year-old product line, along with Bench and Field models of the Ballistic Bulls Bag, was tested by a variety of NTOALaw Enforcement members.

The all-in-one design of the new X-7 Bulls Bag ADVANTAGE transforms from a one-bag system into seven independent shooting bag rests with over 50 shooting configurations.  The X-7 is 10 inches long and weighs approximately 30 pounds when filled with media.  Law Enforcement officers who are members of NTOAtested the X-7 Bulls Bag ADVANTAGE and found the system to be “extremely versatile and allows for use in multiple shooting positions.”  Another tester commented: “I see the X-7 shooting rest as a great piece of equipment that can be kept in the command post or utility vehicle and retrieved when needed.”  “I would recommend the X-7 for every shooter who is looking for an accurate zero on any rifle” was the comment from another LE NTOAmember-tester. The Ballistic Bulls Bag 9 1/2 inch field model weighs in at 16 pounds and the 15 1/2 inch models weighs approximately 24 pounds.  Both models generated very positive reactions from their NTOA member-testers: “The bag is easy to use, and made from quality, durable material; provides a solid rifle rest which allows shooters a great platform for use when zeroing a rifle.”  “With various rifles in calibers from .223 to .308, both bolt and semi-auto, the bag created a stable platform for shooting that was superior to sandbags and other makeshift supports.”  “Felt recoil appeared reduced as well.”  “The 9 1/2 inch Field model was portable enough to have multiple applications on a tactical team beyond bench shooting and weapons zeroing.”

NTOAmember Law Enforcement officers who tested the Ballistic Bulls Bag 15 1/2 inch Bench model made these observations:  “The highlight of this product is its ingenious design that cradles the weapon for an absolutely rock-steady shooting platform.”  “This bag does have a place in a sniper team’s inventory.”  “It incorporates an ingenious design that holds my bolt action Remington Model 700 very steady.”  “Definitely a great choice to help aid in zeroing your rifle.”

The complete Bulls Bag product line of shooting rests has fourteen models that are available throughout the United States and Canada.

For more information about the complete line of Bulls Bag Shooting Rests visit or call (301) 714-0008

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The popular Bulls Bag Shooting Rests have been recommended by the members of the…