Yesterday, the NRA sent an email warning the firearm industry about a New York Microstamping Bill that was heard in court today. It urged all gun owners and 2nd Amendment supporters to contact their senators and express concern over the Senate Bill 4397, which would ban the sale of all semi-automatic handguns not equipped with micro-stamping techology. A few members from Harris Tactical Group wrote into their Senators and one of the lawmakers wrote back with a refreshing response:

Thank you for contacting me relative to a package of gun control bills
passed by the assembly (A. 801A, A. 1093, A.1326, A. 2881, 2882, A. 3076A,
A. 3211A, A. 5844, A. 6157, A. 6468. The bills include gun and ammunition
bans, gun dealer restrictions and making pistol licenses renewable, to
mention only a few of the threats to gunowners’ rights.

As I have stated before, and as was my position last year when I asked the
voters of the 51st senatorial district to renew my contract, I oppose gun
control measures.

I oppose the assembly bills about which you contacted me. I oppose their
senate companions.

I have never voted for a gun control bill, including Governor Pataki’s five
point gun ban and “ammunition DNA” bill passed by the legislature in 2000
over my “no” vote.

As a longtime supporter of your Constitutional right to own and use guns
for lawful purposes, I will continue to advocate legislation that penalizes
criminals, not law abiding citizens. I have cosponsored and supported
numerous bills that would uphold your right to own, use and possess guns
for hunting, target shooting, collecting or defense of hearth and home.
Each election cycle I have garnered the NRA’s A+ rating for my stand on
firearms issues.

I will continue to oppose senseless, anti-sportsman legislation. I support
common-sense solutions to the scourge of gun crimes in our cities,
including swift and sure punishment for the illegal acquisition, possession
and use of firearms.

This year will be more difficult with downstate Democrats running the
senate and in charge of key senate committees that oversee firearms laws.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of further

Senator Jim Seward

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Yesterday, the NRA sent an email warning the firearm industry about a New York…