A “ring of steel” technology involving hooking up 3,000 closed-circuit cameras is being setting up around New York City to fight terrorist activities, news reports said Friday.

The city already has 1,800 such cameras, all of them in Manhattan, as part of the counter-terrorism plan drawn up by the New York Police Department following the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

Raymond Kelly, the police commissioner, announced late Thursday that surveillance cameras had helped his department to catch 100 criminals in subways so far this year.
“The structure is in place to significantly increase the number of cameras at the right spots,” The New York Daily News quoted Kelly as saying.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which is responsible for the vast network of subway and public buses, has set up close to 600 cameras monitoring the public transportation used daily by millions of people, including commuters from New Jersey and Connecticut in addition to the city’s 8 million inhabitants.

The high-tech camera surveillance network cost about 200 million dollars, most of them contributed by the US Department of Homeland Security.

In addition to the camera, the NYPD said improved counter-terrorist technology is boosting police’s capability to detect and thwart so-called dirty bomb attack using home-made devices that can emit radiation.

Source: JT Nguyen for Security Info Watch.

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