The Viridian FACT Duty auto turns on camera and mic during the officer's draw.

The Nye County Sheriff’s Office, in Nevada, recently began deploying Viridian FACT Duty Weapon-Mounted Cameras. The weapon-mounted system captures footage when officers pull their weapon in the line of duty.

Nye County Sheriff’s Office Deploy Viridian FACT Duty Weapon Cameras

Nye County, Nevada encompasses more than 18,000 square miles. It includes towns and wild country, including sensitive areas such as Death Valley National Park. The area experienced a rise in officer-involved shooting recently.

“Our deputies patrol a landscape much different than most other agencies,” said Sheriff Sharon Wehrly. “After testing and evaluating the FACT Duty we concluded that it is a must for our officers. It brings unprecedented transparency and visibility to any Officer Involved Shooting. It also prepares them for the modern world of policing.”

The FACT Duty provides an unobstructed view of use-of-force events from the end of the firearm. It addresses limitations found on body cameras, according to Viridian.

“We have worked with Sheriff Wehrly and her staff extensively,” said Viridian President and CEO Brian Hedeen . “The clear need for this product is validated in a major way now that all 120 of her deputies will use the FACT Duty. As we’ve watched the highest profile events in our country unfold, we firmly believe our technology is a solution for every department and agency. The price, ease of implementation and benefits to everyone involved are second to none.”

The FACT Duty utilizes a 1080p full-HD digital cameral. It includes a microphone and 500 lumen tactical light. The unit automatically activates the camera and microphone at the draw.

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