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The NYPD will be relocating a few hundred police officers to a new permanent “Strategic Response Group,” Police Commissioner William Bratton said Thursday.

The Strategic Response Group will be a quick-reaction unit to deal with terror attacks, large demonstrations and other emergencies in New York City. The unit will receive special training with access to heavy weapons to use in case of emergencies.

According to Newsday, Bratton said, “They’ll be equipped and trained in ways that patrol officers are not. It will allow us to staff important programs like site protection and critical-response vehicles — or CRV — without using precinct personnel.”

The current emergency response procedure includes periodically taking officers and squad cars from different precincts throughout New York City.

The Strategic Response Group will be in addition to the 1,000-officer NYPD counterterrorism program, which has also been trained in heavy-weapons tactics, a police official said.

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