“Cop cabs” are rare sightings in New York City, but the fabled New York Police Department resource has been said to exist, with video evidence (above) to prove it.

Muckrock has teamed up with Motherboard to investigate the NYPD’s use of cop cabs and how they factor in its patrol.

According to Muckrock:

I asked for any manuals or procedures that dictated how and under what circumstances the fake taxis were to be used, any legal justifications acquired or written allowing for the use of these vehicles or the creation of a false medallion numbers, any invoices or bills for the cost of acquired or retrofitting a taxicab, and finally any communications between the NYPD and the Taxi and Limousine Commission concerning the use of these vehicles.

The first three requests were rejected for being either too vague, or because no such document existed. The request for communications between the NYPD and TLC was rejected on the grounds that “such information, if disclosed, would reveal non-routine techniques or procedures,” and such a disclosure might, “endanger the life or safety of any person.”

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