This is the state of the gun scourge in New York City these days.

While on routine patrol on a residential block of Jamaica, Queens, in broad daylight on a Monday afternoon, two members of the 103rd Precinct recovered five guns of different calibers after a dozen shots rang out, killing one man.

Deputy Inspector Charles McEvoy and Police Officer Adam Jangel also helped nab three men in the incident.

For running toward the gunfire and halting possibly more carnage, they are the Daily News Heroes of the Month.

“Five illegal, operable, loaded guns are not on the street,” McEvoy said. “Hopefully, it’ll save some lives down the line.”

McEvoy, 42, with 20 years on the job, has been commanding officer of the 103rd Precinct since last September.

Jangel, 32, has been on the job 10 years, and has spent almost his whole time at the 103rd.

They were driving down a stretch of 164th St. on Feb. 22, doing routine surveillance of known trouble spots between 109th and 110th Aves., when they saw an SUV with its doors open and people standing next to it.

“It alerted our suspicions,” McEvoy said.

When the cops were about three car lengths away they heard two gunshots. They got out of their car and ran toward the SUV, as about 10 more shots rang out.

“They were looking in my direction, and I see a man throw a gun down an alley driveway,” McEvoy said. “He tried walking off. I grabbed him and handcuffed him.”

While McEvoy was on the ground with his suspect, identified as Pinto Thompson, 27, four men ran up 164th St. with Jangel pursuing them.

“I take off after them, yelling ‘Stop!’ and they got into a car that picked them up on the corner,” Jangel said.

The officer put a description of the gold Chevrolet getaway car over the radio, and McEvoy radioed for assistance.

Meanwhile, Lt. Jason Margolis spotted the car 10 blocks away and pulled it over.

McEvoy and Jangel returned to the scene of the gunfire, where they found Reshawn Carter, 29, who was shot numerous times, lying in a front yard. He died at Jamaica Hospital.

Another victim, Owen Harper, 25, fled after being shot and collapsed on Guy R. Brewer Blvd. He survived.

Five firearms were recovered, a .32-caliber revolver, a .357 revolver and three semiautomatics: a 9-mm., a .380 and a .44-caliber. The 9-mm. was recovered from Carter

Source: Patrice O’Shaugnessy for the N.Y. Daily News.

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This is the state of the gun scourge in New York City these days.…