The “rumble siren”, which has been tested on a small number of cars in recent months, sends out low frequency sound waves that are powerful enough to shake windows and set off nearby car alarms.

An NYPD spokesman said it would ensure that “drivers, even with their windows rolled up and stereos on, can be alerted to the approach of emergency vehicles.”

“It also gets the attention of pedestrians with headphones or iPods or who may be otherwise inattentive to conventional sirens,” the spokesman said.

NoiseOff, an anti-noise pollution group, said the new system would add to the ever-increasing aural bombardment that New Yorkers are forced to endure.

“Its use presents a new form of urban blight where residents are made captive to an intense low frequency noise that is detrimental to public health,” the group said.

Source: Jon Swaine for The Telegraph.

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