Oakland Police bicycle

The Oakland Police Department can patrol on two feet or two wheels, thanks to a recent grant the department was given.

The $1,000 grant was awarded to the Oakland Police after the purchase of a new Cannondale Bicycle.

The addition of the bicycle might not seem like much, but it is “an effective tool for patrolling the West Orange Trail and town streets,” according to the West Orange Times & Observer.

The bicycle has been in use for about six months now, joining two others already a part of the department. Chief Thomas said it creates a “community-police model,” allowing the officers to become closer to the community and really interact with the residents of Oakland and others passing through on the trail.

“We are happy to receive any amount of grant funding,” Oakland Police Chief Steve Thomas told the West Orange Times & Observer. “And it just so happens that the West Orange Trail runs right through Oakland. [Bikes] can get places where cars can’t, and with so many people using the trail, it is important to have a presence there.”

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