President Barack Obama is thanking the nation’s law enforcement officers for risking their lives to keep Americans safe.

The President on Friday honored more than two dozen officers who won “Top Cop” awards for unusual bravery in taking action beyond the call of duty.

In the White House Rose Garden, Obama said the award winners represent thousands of officers who serve without accolades. He said his administration is committed to spending more money to hire new police officers and equip and train them well.

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President Obama engaged in what he called a “privilege” of office today, honoring the nation’s top police officers of the year.

“Whether it’s by chance, or by the hand of fate, these officers were tested,” Obama said at a Rose Garden ceremony. “And when the moment came, they did what they were trained to do.”

The “top cops,” as determined by the National Association of Police Organizations, are “shining examples” of bravery and good judgment, the president said.

Examples range from rescuing a hostage held at knife-point to pulling a child from a burning car right before it exploded, Obama said.

Obama praised the New York City Police Department for isolating and disarming a car bomb left in Times Square on May 1.

The American people and their government will stand by officers as they accept the risks of protecting neighborhoods and cities, Obama said.

“It’s the ability to put on a badge and go to work knowing that danger could be waiting right around the corner,” Obama said. “It’s the understanding that the next call could be the one that changes everything.”

Source: PoliceOne, USA Today

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President Barack Obama is thanking the nation's law enforcement officers for risking their lives…