The Lafayette Police Department recently released body cam footage that shows an officer shot in the line of duty while conducting a search warrant in Indiana. Moreover, friendly fire hit the officer, identified as Lane Butler.

“Officer Butler is an amazing public servant and is a dedicated and valued member of our agency,” said a Lafayette Police Department statement. “She is demonstrating tremendous courage and strength and she fights to recover from her injury.”

Lane, a three-year veteran of LPD, joined two fellow officers recently to execute a search warrant at a local residence. There, the homeowner cooperated and allowed officers to search, demonstrating the suspect was not there. However, the homeowner did alert officers to a large dog locked in a cage prior to entry.

“As long as she ain’t gonna get out, then we’re good,” an officer can be heard responding during the video.

Friendly Fire Hits Officer

But near the end of the search, the dog broke free, causing all three officers to flee the apartment. It was at that moment that one of the officer’s pistol discharged. Footage shows the round travel through the door, striking Butler in the back. Although Butler wore a protective vest, the bullet managed to strike above her protected area, according to the report.

Authorities transported Butler to a local hospital for treatment following the incident. Also, officials said Butler is listed in serious, but stable, condition, according to the report.

“We are very grateful for the outpouring of support,” LPD said in the statement.  “Citizens from our community and from around the state and nationally have offered their prayers and support. The Lafayette Police Department asks for your continued support for our officers and prayers for a speedy and full recovery for Officer Butler and comfort for her family. This incident, while incredibly unusual and unfortunate, highlights the risks that officers face during the daily execution of their duties to keep our communities safe.”

A follow-up report stated that no officers faced punishment as a result of the shooting.

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