WARNING: The above Ogden Police shooting of Dino Raul Morales involves graphic content; viewer discretion advised.

An Ogden Police officer shot and killed an armed suspect Feb. 5 in Utah. Police suspected the man in connection to aggravated robbery, vehicle theft and sexual assault.

Ogden Police Kill Armed Suspect in Utah

The incident took place when police received a call reporting the alleged crimes. An officer located a suspect, identified as 28-year-old Dino Raul Morales, according to Fox 13.

“The suspect took the victim’s vehicle and fled the area when the assault was completed,” said Ogden Police Chief Eric Young in a press conference, reported FOX 13.

Police say Morales allegedly then offered a ride to another women. When police first located the suspect, the woman remained in the vehicle, reported FOX 13. But the woman managed to escape before Morales ran into a nearby garage.

“She accepted and ended up in the wrong car at the wrong time,” Young told FOX 13.

Footage shows an officer locate Morales inside the garage. The suspect hid inside the bed of a truck. The officer then asked the suspect repeatedly to show his hands. The officer identified a gun, and demanded several more times drop the weapon. But Morales flat out said, “Nope.”

“The suspect refused to comply with commands from the officers,” Young told FOX 13.

Footage shows the officer proceed to open fire. He fires eight or nine times in rapid succession. The suspect promptly falls back into the truck bed, ending the threat.

“I am very proud of the brave work our officers do,” Young said, reported FOX 13. “Events like these bring focus to the challenging circumstances police officers face each day in their work.”

The incident serves as a stark reminder in just how difficult police work can be. The threat appeared suddenly, and armed. More disturbingly, even though the officer had a gun on him, the suspect still refused to comply.

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