Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray has announced concealed carry reciprocity with the state of North Dakota.

North Dakota becomes the 20th state to have reciprocity with Ohio and the second new agreement announced this month.

Read the text of AG Cordray’s announcement below.

I am pleased to inform you that my office has negotiated another agreement to extend the concealed carry privileges of licensed Ohioans who are travelling in other states.

Effective immediately, North Dakota is the 20th state to enter into concealed carry reciprocity with Ohio. Important agreements such as this help law-abiding, licensed citizens exercise their constitutionally protected rights in a number of different states across the country. Earlier this month, my office also negotiated a reciprocity agreement with the state of Nebraska. I support concealed carry, and this office will continue to search for new concealed carry reciprocity partners.

North Dakota has a two-tiered concealed weapons license system, in which applicants can either apply for a Class I or Class II license. Ohio will only recognize North Dakota’s Class I license because its training and testing requirements more closely align with the license requirements of Ohio. These measures are necessary to ensure the safety of all Ohioans, and are required by law.

With this latest agreement, Ohio’s concealed handgun licensees may now carry concealed firearms throughout the state of North Dakota; similarly, lawful North Dakota’s licensees who hold a Class I license may now carry concealed firearms in Ohio.

In an attempt to simplify the agreement and make it more convenient to print and carry, the document is a single page.

Read the agreement here:

The Attorney General’s Office maintains concealed carry statistics online on the number of licenses issued each year in Ohio, as well as a listing of other states that have reciprocity agreements with Ohio, copies of license applications and a handbook on Ohio’s concealed carry law.

Learn more about concealed carry in Ohio:


Richard Cordray
Ohio Attorney General

Source: Daniel White

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