Alcohol Compliance Training Oklahoma
Oklahoma Law Enforcement Undergoes Alcohol Compliance Training (CREDIT: Edni News / BILLY HEFTON)

A total of nine Oklahoma-based law enforcement agencies recently got together to train for monitoring the state’s alcohol compliance laws amongst teens.

The Alcohol Laws and Compliance Training, also called “Too Much To Lose”, was hosted by the Alcoholic Beverages Law Enforcement Commission, Garfield County Sheriff’s Office and PreventionWorkz, according to Enid News.

The day-long training included a review of state alcohol laws, conducting compliance checks, a session on fake or altered identification and how to disperse parties.

The day ended with the officers meeting up with 20 volunteers posing as teens or social hosts of underage drinking parties.

The officers broke into several groups, taking turns dispersing partygoers and identifying hosts.

The Oklahoma organization PreventionWorkz, Inc., which focuses on alcohol, tobacco, and other drug (ATOD) prevention, had several representatives on hand.

“A while back, law enforcement, they thought that everyone could pour the beer out and get home safely,” PreventionWorkz Prevention Specialist Meri Spurlock told Enid News. “Now, it’s such a problem young people have lost their lives.”

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