Oklahoma Law Enforcement Looks to Curb Street Racing

Police in the northeastern segment of Oklahoma are taking the necessary steps to crack down on street racing, while educating those behind the wheel.

After the death of a teenager from Jenks, Okla., local law enforcement officials are trying to get racers to stay off of the streets and go to the tracks like the Tulsa Raceway Park instead, according to Fox 23 in Tulsa.

The raceway held its first ‘Fastest Streetcar’ event because of the spike in interested. That is where the local Beat the Heat chapter, a nonprofit organization made up of Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers, police officers, sheriff’s deputies and firefighters, spent time educating street car racers about the right way to do it.

Officers have acknowledged the thrill of street racing as a hobby, but are encouraging those interested in the hobby to use a legal track like the Tulsa Raceway Park due to its safety for not only the driver, but the innocent bystanders like the Jenks teenager who was killed.

“The strip is prepared. There are safety people here. There are strict rules. This is the way to drag race,” Fastest Streetcar event organizer Mike Roark told Fox 23.

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