Local Oklahoma police recently attended a training course designed to teach officers the most effective methods for getting justice for victims of sexual assault.

The training course, which is called Sexual Assault Response and Resource Teams, or SARRT, is led by Linda Terrell, herself a sexual assault survivor.

28 years ago, Terrell was raped in college by a man who eventually pled guilty in May 2013 to almost a dozen different sex crimes. Today, Terrell is the director for the Oklahoma Regional Community Policing Institute, which conducted a SARRT course at Southeastern Oklahoma State University on Tuesday.

According to Terrell, sexual assault is the least reported violent crime in the country, as well as the violent crime that results in the fewest incarcerations.

“This is about victim services and serving those people who have been victimized,” said Anna Marcy of the Crisis Control Center in Durant, which works to help sexual assault victims in four different counties in southeast Oklahoma. “Sexual assault is a crime.”

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