Operation New Uniform
Operation New Uniform (CREDIT: First Coast News)

Starting a viable career in post-military life isn’t easy for everyone.

Enter Operation New Uniform.

Formed in 2013 in Jacksonville, Fla., Operation New Uniform addresses the growing needs of veterans and their families as they transition from the military.

The non-profit organization offers four different programs that suit the different needs of veterans in the workforce. The programs include:

  • Finding the Uniform
  • Fitting the Uniform
  • Supporting the Uniform
  • Enhancing the Uniform

According to the organization’s Facebook page:

Operation New Uniform, comprised of successful veterans, corporate professionals and accomplished educators, exists to ensure veterans are prepared to wear a “new uniform” and support them in their pursuit of professional goals. To that end, Operation New Uniform was founded, bridging the gap between the confidence felt and skills obtained in a military uniform and those needed to thrive in the business community.

“We might have flown helicopters or hunted submarines or were boots on the ground and we don’t always believe those skills will set us up for success in the business community,” Operation New Uniform Executive Director Justin Justice told First Coast News.

For more information on Operation New Uniform, please visit the company’s Facebook page.

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