A passerby recently captured a wild scene recently and posted it to social media. Moreover, the footage shows an all-out gun battle erupt in a field in Oregon, one that ends with suspect’s car bursting into flames, killing the suspect.

The gun fight concluded a multi-agency pursuit of a stolen vehicle that reportedly contained multiple weapons and ammunition, including a semi-auto rifle, according to a report published by the Roseberg Police Department.

Personnel from both the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office and the Oregon State Police responded to the area where the vehicle was spotted. When officers attempted to make contact, the vehicle fled. Then a short pursuit ensued, continuing onto a nearby ranch, where the vehicle became stuck in a field. That’s where the video picks up the chase, as the suspect opens fire on officers.

Gun Battle Erupts

“That’s when he opened fire; probably about 15, 20 rounds,” the video’s narrator explains.

“The driver of the vehicle opened fire on authorities and in response, multiple officers returned fire,” said the Roseberg Police report.

As the gunman fires on officers, footage shows incoming rounds impacting just short of the suspect. However, rounds were seemingly finding there mark as well. Because after a few moments, the suspect’s vehicle begins smoking before finally erupting in flames.

“During the exchange of gunfire, the stolen vehicle began to smoke and soon after became consumed in flames. Law Enforcement later confirmed the presence of human remains in the vehicle,” Roseberg Police continued.

The report also said no officers were injured during the firefight. Additionally, both the Douglas County Major Crimes Team and Roseburg Police Department continue their investigations into the incident.

At press time, officials were still attempting to identify the suspect, according to Roseberg Police.

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