Oregon State Police engaged in an intense, deadly shooting in March. A Marion County recently found all three troopers use of deadly force justified. The troopers shot 51-year-old William Patrick Floyd a total of 16 times, killing him.

Oregon State Police Blast Armed Suspect

Officer dash cam footage captured the wild scene on March 26, one in which officers warned the suspect multiple times. The incident began after a 9-1-1 call reported a potential road-rage incident, reported Officers pulled over Floyd, with a trooper immediately observing a semi-automatic handgun on the center console.

“I see that you’ve got a gun right there,” Trooper Caleb Yoder says. “Don’t reach for it. And don’t touch it. Just go ahead and keep your hands on the steering wheel.”

But after repeated warnings, the suspect failed to completely follow officer commands. Officers reported the smell of alcohol coming from inside the vehicle. And while the suspect followed some commands, he kept inching towards the pistol, according to

“This repeated movement eventually caused Trooper Jacob to react by leaning in and grabbing Floyd’s arm,” prosecutors told

Oregon State Police Respond

That’s when the entire scene changed dramatically. When Jacob grabbed Floyd, the suspect said “f*ck you,” reported The suspect then went for his gun, with a desperate struggle ensuing. At one point Floyd also had his gun in his hand. Multiple guns reportedly then rang out, with DeBerry firing several rounds through the passenger window.

“Despite being physically entangled with Floyd as shots were fired, Trooper Jacob was not shot, although he did sustain minor abrasions and injuries from the retreat,” prosecutors said. “No other trooper was injured during the incident.”

In total, Floyd received 16 gunshots in approximately seven seconds. The suspect displayed entry wounds to his right thigh, torso and arm, according to

“The Grand Jury engaged in a very thorough and thoughtful review of this incident,” Marion County District Paige Clarkson told “Their service in such an important case is truly essential to ensure transparency and maintain confidence in our law enforcement officers. But it was especially remarkable today given the public health crisis surrounding our community.

“This case highlights the very dangerous work our police officers engage in every day. I am proud of the work that they do in placing their lives on the line to protect our community and am thankful that these troopers all returned home to their families that night.”

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