SIG Virtus

SIG Sauer recently announced that the Orlando Police Department has adopted the SIG Virtus rifle for standard issue. Moreover, the Orlando Police Department comprises more than 700 officers. SIG also stated the rifles will be fielded to uniform officers, detectives, watch commanders and sergeants within OPD.

“SIG has a strong partnership with the Orlando Police department that began with their adoption of the SIG P226 and has now extended to the SIG Virtus rifle,” said Tom Jankiewicz, Executive Vice President, Law Enforcement Sales, SIG Sauer. “The Virtus is a significant upgrade to their existing platform, bringing the latest in rifle technology that will enhance their capabilities, improve accuracy, and allow them to become more effective and expeditious in their response.”

Firstly, the SIG Virtus features a free-float M-LOK handguard, ambidextrous AR-style controls, a telescoping or folding stock, and can be easily suppressed. SIG also describes the Virtus as “a modular rifle engineered for the demands of special operations forces.”

“We are honored that the Orlando Police Department has entrusted SIG SAUER equipment for the men and women of the Orlando Police Department, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with the department and supporting their mission,” concluded Jankiewicz.

SIG MCX Virtus

SIG offers the MCX Virtus commercially in Patrol, SBR and Pistol variants. The company says the MCX Virtus platform configures into more than 500 combinations. Additionally, the company designed the Virtus to function beyond 20,000 rounds fired without the need for replacement parts, according to SIG.

SIG continues to rack up contacts from various military and law enforcement entities. Just last week the company announced the India Ministry of Defense selected the SIG716. Meanwhile, the company also won several U.S. Department of Defense awards over the last year.

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