Mike Lamb Panteao

Panteao’s lineup of professional firearms instructors recently got a big boost with 13-year Marine veteran Mike Lamb

Lamb, from Stoic Ventures, is the latest instructor to join the Panteao lineup.

Lamb is a former Marine serving in both the enlisted and commissioned ranks. He served as a Force Recon Marine, as well as in some of the government’s top intelligence agencies around the world.

Due to sustained injuries, Lamb was medically retired from the Marine Corps after 13 years of service.

After being honorably discharged, Lamb was recruited to work for Magpul Industries Corp and Magpul Dynamics. While working in the Magpul family, Lamb was the Director of Military Operations and one of the plank holders for Magpul Dynamics.

Lamb has taken his experiences in the government, as well as private sector, and formed Stoic Ventures to help streamline the community and dedicated training toward helping the “Good Guys” become better prepared for the worst.

According to Stoic Ventures’ website:

Our company name is derived from the philosophy of Stoicism; Stoics embraced the idea that destructive emotions cause errors in judgement. Our instructors have witnessed such errors in combat and on the streets, which often result in dire consequences. Our job is to train and inoculate clients so they are governed by the training, not fear or rage that is a natural by-product for humans in a threatening situation.

Panteao recently filmed two new video titles with Lamb, one covering long range precision shooting and one on shotgun. Both are currently in post-production being edited.

For more information on Lamb and the rest of Panteao Productions, please visit PanteaoProductions.com.

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