The following is a release from Panteao Productions:

With the recent switch from filming in HD to UltraHD video, Panteao is now creating short video bios with instructors called Profiles of Courage. The intent is to be able to further educate the viewers as to who the instructors are and why they do what they do.

The first three profiles videos created are with instructors Jeff Gonzales, Mike Lamb, and Pat McNamara. Moving forward Panteao will be filming more of these videos with each instructor Panteao works with.

“A written bio on the website about each instructor is fine, but hearing directly from them why they teach and what they did leading up to that is more engaging,” said Fernando Coelho, President of Panteao Productions. Fernando continued, “We often forget that students out there may not know who the instructors are or why we are filming them. The Profiles videos will help to further educate them in the words of the instructors.”

The Profiles of Courage videos can be seen on the Panteao YouTube Channel, The Panteao instructor pages on the Panteao website, and on the Make Ready Roku Channel.

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