A 28-year-old army veteran wounded in Iraq has just received a new motorized wheelchair complete with a rubberized track system, hand-held controls, flashlight, camouflage seating and a gun rack.

Andrew Pike of Twin Falls, Idaho was shot by a sniper in Iraq seven years ago and paralyzed from the waist down. “The bullet entered in through the left abdomen, and it exited my back probably about a quarter inch off my spinal cord and column,” Pike said.

After returning home, Pike was able to resume normal activities like hunting and fishing, but a group of volunteers banded together to find a way to give the wounded veteran more mobility.

Pike has received a new all-terrain wheelchair donated by Higher Ground Sun Valley and Project Healing Waters Flyfishing. The chair gives Pike the ability to move under his own power off-road, to stand and shoot or cast a fishing pole upright.

Pike said he wanted to use the chair to access hunting and fishing areas in Idaho, as well as recreational shooting. Pike is the Regional Salesman for Primary Weapons Systems in Boise.

“The only thing you can do is look to what’s in the future, look to what you can do, and take those things and build on them, and if somebody says you can’t, then find a way to do it,” Pike said.

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