Pasadena Police officers shot and killed a man during an intense shootout in California. The suspect, donning a ballistic vest and armed with a semi-auto pistol and an AR with drum magazine, fired on officers. That’s when Pasadena PD responded, shooting and killing the suspect.

Officer body cam footage captured the shooting, where multiple officers responded to the scene. The incident began when officers responded to a call for an armed man possibly wearing body armor, according to That’s where they found the suspect, identified as Daniel Warren, armed with multiple weapons. The suspect ignored repeated shouts to drop the gun, finally pointing his weapon at Pasadena PD officers.

“Upon their arrival, the officers observed the suspect standing within the fence yard of a property, wearing a ballistic bullet-proof vest and holding a firearm,” said Los Angles County Sheriff’s Deputy Erin Lou in a written statement, reported The deputy described the weapon, which appears to be an AR-style pistol, as a rifle outfitted with a ” large-capacity drum-style magazine.”

“The suspect yelled at officers and then pointed the firearm at them,” said Liu, according to “An officer-involved shooting occurred and the suspect retreated to the rear yard and out of the officers view.”

After officers returned fire, presumably hitting the suspect, Warren fled behind a house. Officers then attempted less-lethal methods to stop the suspect, but he remained in his position, not moving. That’s when officers moved in and found the suspect wounded, with two firearms lying next to him.

Authorities rendered lifesaving efforts, but Warren ultimately died from his gunshot wounds. All officers avoided injury during the shootout, according to police.

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