Pasadena Police Department recently approved two Primary Arms optics.

The City of Pasadena Police Department recently approved two Primary Arms optics for duty. The approval comes shortly after Missouri City Police issued a similar approval.

Pasadena Police Approves Primary Arms

Now Pasadena Police officers can utilize the SLx Compact 1×20 Prism Scope and SLx Advanced Push Button Microdot. The approval comes after months of field testing, certifying effectiveness.

The SLx Compact 1×20 Prism Scope, commonly known as the Cyclops, is a 1X Prism with an etched ACSS reticle. This reticle can be set for multiple illumination settings. It provides a clear point of aim, even for users suffering a strong astigmatism, according to Primary Arms.

“The ACSS reticle frames up the target well, which also aids in the fast acquisition of the target,” the Pasadena PD Firearms Training Staff reported. “The etched reticle allows use of the sight in the event that the battery goes out. This sight is a great value for the price.”

The SLx Advanced Push Button Microdot maintains a minimal footprint on a service rifle. Its durability and feature-set make it a strong competitor in the field, according to Primary Arms. It delivers 50,000 hours of average battery life and 12 illumination settings. It works in low light and features night vision compatibility.

“The 2MOA dot on this sight is very clear and easy to pick up,” the training staff reported. “This not only allows for fast shots at close range, but also does not cover up too much of the target at extended ranges. The top mounted push button adjustments for brightness are very easy to use. This is in addition to the extended battery life, which makes this sight a great value.”

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