Warning: The above video from the Pasco Sheriff’s Office contains strong language.

Body cam footage showing a police K-9 quickly chasing down a suspect and holding him for officers has been release by the Pasco Sheriff’s Office. The video clip ends with K-9 Shep celebrating and jumping up with his handler, officer Nick Carmack.

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According to police, the pursuit took place on Aug. 15 in the Shady Hills area of western Pasco County, Fla. Shep caught the suspect, Michael Brick Jr., after he allegedly fled from a traffic stop.

After being apprehended by Shep, the suspect can be heard pleading with officers, “Please get him off me.” Shep holds on for more than 60 seconds as officers place the suspect into handcuffs.

“Notice how fast Shep is running,”the Pasco Sheriff’s Office said in a release. “His handler, Nick Carmack, is one of our fastest runners, but Shep is having no trouble leading the charge.”

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