Timothy Havener went to Tuesday’s Centre County Commission meeting with a purpose: to educate municipal leaders on gun laws.
Havener, of the group Firearms Owners Against Crime, said, “The state law is above the local laws. … The law is pretty clear.”

So, in places like Centre County, where municipalities make laws such as prohibiting guns in a public park, the local government is actually violating state law. And that’s something that many local governments don’t know.

The Centre County sheriff reaffirmed that Havener and his group are correct.

Sheriff Denny Nau said his office processes 1,000 firearm permit applications a month. He said, “Sometimes you want good people to have guns to control bad people.”

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled last year that gun possession is an individual right and local governments cannot ban guns.

Source: WJACT

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Timothy Havener went to Tuesday's Centre County Commission meeting with a purpose: to educate…