State College Police Department active shooter exercise
The State College Police Department active shooter exercise (CREDIT: Centre Daily Times).

It’s a situation a school district hopes it never has to face, but training for active shooter scenarios is still a necessity.

The State College Police Department (SCPD) in Pennsylvania completed a full-scale training exercise Tuesday at Penns Valley Area High School, located in Spring Mills, Pa.

The active shooter exercise included members of the Penns Valley Area School District playing the roles of both faculty and students. Police used techniques that they have practiced and reinforced their team methodology during the training.

“It was simulated to be as true as possible, an active shooter incident where you had aggressors inside the school with blank weapons who were simulating carnage,” SCPD Lt. Chris Fishel told the Centre Daily Times. “You had staff from the school simulating students, as well as the staff, and you had responding EMS and fire.”

Once the simulated shooters were stopped by police, the rescues began from EMS and fire personnel.

“The reality is it’s difficult to imagine the situation as it might occur in the school,” Penns Valley Area School District Superintendent Brian Griffith told the Centre Daily Times. “Overall, I think we’ve learned a lot. I am very proud of our faculty and our administrative personnel.”

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