Pepper Guns Utah Law Enforcement
The JPX4 Jet Defender Law Enforcement (left) and Compact (right) from JPX Pepper Gun, a brand of Curtis Blue Line.

In the event of a noncompliant suspect, Utah law enforcement officers have started to using pepper guns as a less-lethal alternative to safely deal with the situation.

The pepper guns, from Curtis Blue Line, make life much easier for LEOs in dangerous situations, according to

The guns, which hold two rounds at a time of pepper spray that can be fired long distances at more than 400 miles per hour, are currently being used by four agencies in Utah. A Curtis Blue Line trainer told KSL that at least one more agency would likely sign on soon. Pleasant Grove has been using them the longest in Utah so far, having more than a dozen of them in the field for about a year and a half.

“Every police use of force situation is always a little bit different. No two are alike,”Patrol Lt. Britt Smith told “It’s a great way to get a suspect who is otherwise noncompliant to comply, and take them safely into custody.”

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