Body-worn cameras radio
Body-worn cameras like the VIEVU LE3 can protect officers in a number of ways.

Add the Missouri-based Perryville Police Department to the growing list of law enforcement wearing body cameras around the country.

According to the Perryville News:

Perryville Chief of Police Direk Hunt received approval from the Perryville City Council during the Sept. 16 meeting to purchase body cameras for his 16 officers.

The cameras cost approximately $450 a piece, but Hunt justified the cost to council saying the video captured by the cameras would serve as indisputable evidence when it comes to officer/civilian engagements.

“With the growing number of use of force complaints against law enforcement officers it just makes sense to implement this tool,” Hunt told the Perryville News. “… “After the cameras arrive we will conduct usage training with officers. We will also integrate the camera software with our current systems. We expect to have them in hand and fully operational in six weeks or less.”

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