A Barbera’s spokesman said the dealership would the billboards after the FOP and the Philadelphia Police Department complained that the ads were in poor taste and that no one had asked for permission to use the photos or their emblems. (STEPHANIE FARR / DAILY NEWS STAFF)

On Friday, Fraternal Order of Police president McNesby and the Philadelphia Police Department began receiving calls that the well-known Philly car dealer had used the photos of fallen Philadelphia police officers, the department emblem and the Fraternal Order of Police emblem in his billboard advertisements.

“Somebody called me and said ‘What are we doing?’ ” McNesby said. “So, I rolled out there and when I looked, I just couldn’t believe what I saw.”

The billboards, one of which was spotted at Ashburner Street near Torresdale Avenue in Holmesburg yesterday, read: “We will always remember because Barbera cares.”

Underneath are the photos of officers Charles Cassidy, Isabel Nazario and John Pawlowski and sergeants Patrick McDonald, Timothy Simpson and Stephen Liczbinski, all of whom died in the line of duty between 2007 and 2009. Also included are the dates of the officers’ deaths and the manner in which they died.

The billboards tell readers to “Make donations to the FOP survivors fund.”

McNesby said that no one from Barbera’s contacted the FOP about the billboards beforehand and that Barbera has “never donated one dime” to the fund.

“We don’t use our families for stuff like that; it’s unheard of; it’s outrageous,” McNesby said. “We don’t use our families as pawns in anything.”

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A Barbera's spokesman said the dealership would the billboards after the FOP and the Philadelphia…