Phoenix Police Department car
Phoenix Police Department Looks to Add 300 Officers

For the first time since 2009, the Phoenix Police Department will add officers to its force — and in a big way.

Multiple media outlets reported that the agency is looking to hire a minimum of 300 new officers sometime in the next two to three years, starting with 15 in March 2015.

According to the Arizona Republic.

A hiring freeze has shrunk the department by more than 500 officers since 2008, leaving the department with fewer than 2,400 rank-and-file officers.

The freeze has stretched officers too thin, said Joe Clure, Phoenix Law Enforcement Association president, leaving many precincts staffed at bare-minimum levels and requiring officers to clock in overtime to cover for precincts that sink below the minimum.

“We’re looking for people who understand the passion of policing, that understand that police work is about the cause and not the action, the cause being; trying to bring closure for people that have been the victims of crime,” Chief Daniel Garcia told

A recruiting website for the Phoenix Police Department will open Aug. 22, 2014. Job postings and applications to join the force are available at

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