Phoenix Police officers shot and killed a man July 4, ending a tense armed standoff. A person of interest in a recent alleged stabbing, the suspect, identified as Jay Garcia, barricaded himself in a vehicle before pulling a gun, which led to the fatal shooting. But the shooting still sparked a demand from the public for transparency.

The Jay Garcia Shooting

The incident began after a 9-1-1 call claimed a stabbing suspect had returned to the area. The alleged victim claimed the man returned, trying to kill him, reported.

“The victim lead officers to a home in Glenrosa, telling them one man had a knife and another had a gun,” Sgt. Mercedes Fortune said in a Phoenix Police video release.

Officer body cam footage shows the scene unfold, where officers talked to the suspect at length. They asked the man, identified as 28-year-old James Porter Garcia, to exit the vehicle.

“Garcia admits to the officer he has a misdemeanor warrant,” Fortune said. An officer explains to Garcia at length the officers just need to clear the area, which they consider a crime scene.  

“One minute and 15 seconds into this conversation with the sergeant, Garcia rolls up the window, but still doesn’t get out of the car,” Fortune said. “Less than a minute later, one of the officers shouts, “‘He’s got a gun!'”

Footage shows Garcia repeatedly refuse to exit the vehicle. He eventually mouths, unheard, what appears to be “shoot me” to officers.

Finally, that’s exactly what transpires. As officers begin breaking glass to gain access to the vehicle, two officers open fire on the suspect. Police say the suspect lifted the gun, causing the officers to fire, reported

Public outcry demanded transparency and that the police release footage of the shooting. So Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams released the footage in record time. According to NBC News, “Williams responded to the demands with a promise to release the body camera footage within two weeks, an accelerated timeline to the standard 45-day policy the department has in place.”

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