A Phoenix police officer issued multiple warnings June 14 during a non-fatal shooting, stopping a man charging with a knife in his tracks. The officer used movement, called for backup and remained in complete control, before finally engaging the threat.

Phoenix Police Officer Stops Knife Charge

The incident began when police responded to a 9-1-1 call alleging a drunken man threatened people with a knife inside a grocery store, according to a Phoenix police release. Store security, officer body cam and civilian amateur footage all showed the suspect, 55-year-old Jon David Brouseau, wielding a knife.

Video shows the officer immediately find the suspect armed in the parking lot. She issues multiple commands to drop the knife. Brouseau responds with vulgarities and threats. He tells the officer repeatedly he will kill her. He even threatens other people in the parking lot.

After nearly one minute of commands, the suspect finally escalates the situation and charges the officer. She responds by engaging the threat. She fires one well-aimed shot, dropping Brouseau.

From the tone of the officer’s voice, along with the number of verbal commands, it’s clear the officer didn’t want to shoot the suspect. However, she also did everything correctly, utilizing movement and communication until she had no other choice.

Police said officials expect Brouseau to survive his injuries. He now faces an aggravated assault charge. No other persons suffered injury during the incident, according to police.

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