Recently released footage shows a Phoenix supercop drop a suspect during an intense hostage scenario. The suspect, identified as 37-year-old Paul Bolden, allegedly took his own baby hostage. Then an officer used his duty carbine to drop the suspect with one heroic shot, grabbed the baby, and took him to safety.

Phoenix Supercop Stops Suspect With One Shot

The incident took place Jan. 9 after police responded to a call at a motel. Police said multiple 911 calls alleged Bolden, while holding a baby, fired a gun at people in the parking lot, reported ABC News. A second 911 call from a woman claimed her husband took her baby, shooting a gun.

Officers found Bolden shooting a gun while holding a baby, reported ABC News. After several commands to put down the child, police say Bolden held the gun on the child. Footage shows an officer take one well-aimed shot with his carbine, dropping the suspect.

Remarkably, the child suffered no injuries during the incident. Police transported Bolden to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead, reported ABC News.

The incident serves as an incredible highlight of an officer operating under pressure. Any time an officer pulls a weapon, the intensity no doubt rises. But throw a small child into the mix, and it surely complicates the matter. However, this officer clearly relied on his training. Footage shows the officer take a stable position, using the vehicle door for support. He calmly and quickly dials his scope to the appropriate magnification. And then he squeezes the trigger, successfully ending an alleged hostage situation. A remarkable effort from this Phoenix supercop.

The incident also reminds us of the Tulsa supercop from 2019. For those of you who don’t remember or didn’t see the footage, a Tulsa police officer ended an active shooter situation when he sprinted up to a highway and placed two well-aimed shots through busy traffic.

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