Jessie Harrison won Steel Challenge the last time it was at Piru Ranch

Piru Ranch, the site of the California Tactical Academy shooting range, has been listed for sale.

Size of Piru Ranch

The ranch totals 1,675 acres in Ventura and Los Angeles counties. Currently it has 50 different shooting ranges with target distances of up to 1000 yards. Piru Ranch is listed for sale by California Outdoor Properties with an asking price of $10,750,000. The property, located at 6700 Holser Canyon Road, Piru, Calif. Contact Lance Dore at California Outdoor Properties to learn more.

“Piru Ranch offers a rural oasis with shooting range and backcountry security,” said Lance Dore of California Outdoor Properties. “This ranch offers a rare opportunity to have your own personal domain only one hour from Los Angeles proper.”

Piru Ranch is one of the best shooting facilities on the West Coast, and in the country . Furthermore, it offers possibilities for additional agricultural, recreational, and residential real estate development.

The LA Area’s Only Multi-Discipline Shooting Venue

Additionally, California Tactical Academy’s website says that Piru Ranch is the only place in the Greater Los Angeles Area offering shooting competitions, tactical training, outdoor public shooting range, private bay rentals, private event venues, membership options, and more, all in one location. The website says the shooting range has hosted several high-profile shooting events. These attract talented shooters from all over the world including Precision Rifle Match, Steel Challenge, SASS, and more.

California Outdoor Properties specializes in helping buyers and sellers of the finest recreational, hunting, fishing, equestrian, farm and ranch properties in California and Nevada with a main office is Vacaville and branch offices in Arcata, Fall River Mills, Napa, Red Bluff and Yreka.


I don’t often add editorial on to the end of press releases, but in this case I think it’s important. In the first place, Piru holds a special place in the history of the shooting sports. For years, it was the host site of the Steel Challenge World Championship, despite being somewhat difficult to get to. Unlike every Steel Challenge World Championship since then, Piru’s range featured impact sensitive stop plates, coupled with huge billboard style timers. It made the World Championship feel special, like an occasion. It also means that since Steel Challenge left Piru, every world record set since then comes with an asterisks.

$10,000,000 is a lot of money, no question. But it’s equally important, in my opinion, to not lose out on places to shoot, especially in a place like California. It would break my heart if some developer bought up the Piru Ranch and turned into another ghastly subdivision full of townhomes and boring houses. Hopefully, there will be industry forces with enough money to keep Piru safe as a shooting destination for years to come.

And if we’re lucky, maybe we can get Steel Challenge back there at some point.

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