Pittsfield Police Department Shavez Forte
Pittsfield Police Department

It is 5-year-old Shavez Forte’s dream to be a police officer.

Forte has been diagnosed with a stage four malignant neoplasm and is currently battling the illness. To make his battle a little easier, the Massachusetts-based Pittsfield Police Department swore Forte in as an honorary officer.

The Pittsfield Police Department wrote on its Facebook page:

Ofc. Forte has a dream of becoming a police officer and we couldn’t let anything get in the way of that.

Ofc. Forte was sworn in by Chief Wynn and promised to be good in school, be helpful at home, and be brave and strong. Shorty after being sworn in, Ofc. Forte stated the first thing he wanted to do was catch a bad guy. Well, that’s just what he did! Ofc. Forte was assisted by his partner Ofc. [Darren] Derby while apprehending an assaultive subject.

Thank you to the other local police departments who assisted and witnessed Ofc. Forte’s first day on the job.

For more on the story, please visit the Pittsfield Police Department’s Facebook page.

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