Police Driving Distractions Technology
Police Eliminating Driving Distractions with New Technology (CREDIT: http://newsroom.unl.edu)

Law enforcement officers have enough going on while on duty that they don’t need any added distractions while driving.

Agencies across the U.S. are taking the necessary steps to implement technology that will ease any officer’s efforts on the road.

According to GovTech.com:

… the California Highway Patrol has integrated its patrol vehicles’ radio and light controls with in-car computer functions, said Officer Leland Tang. By the end of 2012, all CHP enforcement vehicles in the state had the consolidated Rockwell Collins system, which provides fewer distractions than standard, nonintegrated systems, the spokesman said.

… With the consolidated system, CHP officers can use hand pads similar to joysticks with their right hands that can be programmed to activate a car’s radio, lights, siren and public address system — often without having to take their eyes off the road, Tang said. While the vehicle is in motion, officers are encouraged to use a special patrol screen on their mobile digital computer, which shows them the status of their vehicle’s operations, such as lights, but doesn’t show incoming messages that can distract a driver. In fact, most senior officers in his department don’t use their mobile digital computers — which are difficult to type on — unless their vehicles are pulled over, Tang said.

“We’ve addressed the (distraction) issue by using policy and equipment to create a better and safer work environment,” Tang told GovTech.com.

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