Police: Job comes with pluses and minuses

Shreveport, La.– The Shreveport City Council has proposed an initial…


Shreveport, La.– The Shreveport City Council has proposed an initial salary increase for their city’s Law Enforcement department. Local officers talk about protecting citizens and the importance of police work while policy planners weigh the necessity of increasing pay for those who devote themselves to protecting the community every day. To read the article, click here and return back to comment.

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State Department hires private contractors to secure passport info

Shreveport, La.– The Shreveport City Council has proposed an initial salary increase for their…


The HK SL8 Finally Returns, Bringing an Import-Legal G36 Stateside

Some sneaky big news broke yesterday from HK-USA. The company announced the return of the HK SL8, the import-legal version of the famed G36. Stateside fans of all things HK and European-styled semi-autos will no doubt be excited for the SL8. At first jump, HK let out very little information so far. We do know […]


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The Bootlegger Thompson and 1911 showcase the Roaring '20's.
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Four rifle suppressors from Rex Silentium: (L to R) a 5.56mm MG7, a custom MGX with “Beefy baffles” for sustained full-auto fire in 5.56mm and 7.62mm, and a MG10 in .308.
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