Police: Job comes with pluses and minuses

Shreveport, La.– The Shreveport City Council has proposed an initial…


Shreveport, La.– The Shreveport City Council has proposed an initial salary increase for their city’s Law Enforcement department. Local officers talk about protecting citizens and the importance of police work while policy planners weigh the necessity of increasing pay for those who devote themselves to protecting the community every day. To read the article, click here and return back to comment.

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State Department hires private contractors to secure passport info

Shreveport, La.– The Shreveport City Council has proposed an initial salary increase for their…


SIG Sauer Sues Springfield Armory, Alleging Patent Infringement

SIG Sauer recently filed a lawsuit against Springfield Armory, claiming patent infringement. In the lawsuit, SIG alleges Springfield’s Hellcat infringes on two SIG patents for the company’s P365 magazine design. SIG Sauer Lawsuit Alleges Patent Infringement Against Springfield Both the SIG P365 and Springfield Hellcat comprise incredibly popular pistol platforms. Each pistol packs a high […]


The Escort Dynamax blends gas and kinetic operation systems.
Escort Dynamax: Hybrid Design Blends Gas & Kinetic Operation Principles
FN EVOLYS 5.56 weighs much less than a traditional SAW.
FN EVOLYS: FN Launches New Ultralight Machine Guns in 5.56 & 7.62
Built to French military specs, the new Manurhin revolvers come fully loaded.
Legendary Manurhin Revolvers Coming to US Market Thanks to Beretta
The Turnbull 1911 Black Army is straight out of WWI in 1918.
Turnbull 1911 Black Army: WWI-Style Pistol Unveiled in Beautiful Variant
The CZ All-Terrain Series of shotguns is ready for all types of weather.
CZ All-Terrain Series: Green Cerakote Finish Marks All-Weather Shotguns
The Escort FieldHunter Turkey shotgun comes hunt ready.
Escort FieldHunter Turkey: Hunt-Ready, Optics-Capable Pump Gun
The Bergara Premier Competition comes race ready for production class.
Bergara Premier Competition: Fully Loaded Race-Ready Precision Rifle
The Christensen Arms Modern Precision Pistol sports a short barrel and folding pistol brace from SB Tactical.
Christensen Arms Modern Precision Pistol Is a Compact, Folding Bolt-Gun
YouTube Guns, YouTube Firearms Policy
YouTube Wrongly Pulled Our Anzio 20mm Video Because It Hates Guns
The Gwinn Bushmaster Arm Pistol was decades ahead of its time. Combining the best features of the M16 and the AKM into a revolutionary bullpup package smaller than any other 5.56mm weapon before or since, the Arm Pistol was really too much, too soon.
Bushmaster Arm Pistol: Gwinn's '80s PDW That Was Nearly Awesome