A new website aimed at bolstering the ability of the public to instantly share information with law enforcement will test its capabilities today from noon to three EST.

According to PoliceOne, the Large Emergency Event Digital Information Repository (LEEDIR) is an online video and photo platform for eyewitnesses which may be utilized by law enforcement during major catastrophes, such as a terrorist attack.

“When a large emergency event occurs, law enforcement and relief agencies can request the rapid activation of the LEEDIR platform for free to start receiving and analyzing eyewitness photos and videos,” according to the LEEDIR website.

As PoliceOne reports, police submit an activation form on the LEEDIR website, followed up by a phone call to the company hotline in order to achieve activation. After that, the LEEDIR iPhone app, Android app and website can receive uploads from eyewitnesses wishing to share photos and videos with law enforcement.

A cloud-server will be utilized in order to process unlimited volumes of photo and limited evidence, and law enforcement will have access to an “administrative media management/analysis interface” to evaluate the evidence, PoliceOne said.

This new file-sharing service is meant to be utilized for emergencies involving at least 5,000 people and covering at least five square miles, as well as multiple jurisdictions and law enforcement agencies.

To find out how to take part in today’s exercise, please click on the link below.

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