Barret MRAD in 300 PRC feature Proof Research Carbon Fiber Barrel

Proof Research recently commented on the company’s inclusion in the contract-winning Barrett MRAD. Last December, we reported the U.S. DoD requested Barrett MRAD rifle systems chambered in 300 PRC.

The news broke last year, as the DoD requested an undisclosed number of Barrett’s modular, precision, bolt-action MRAD rifles. Chambered in the new long-range 300 PRC, Proof Research engineered carbon fiber barrels just for this purpose. They include a unique, hand-laid, high-stiffness carbon wrap process. This gives the U.S. military the best technology available today, according to Proof Research.

Proof barrels utilize high-strength, aerospace-grade carbon fibers that are impregnated with a proprietary matrix resin developed by the company’s Advanced Composites Division (ACD), according to Proof Research. The Proof ACD also developed many different high-temperature resins and carbon fiber layups. These allow Proof engineers to create barrels that meet high demands, according to Proof Research. Further, the technology enables the company to scalable manufacturing for small-, medium- and large-caliber applications.

The company further professes the many benefits of incorporating aerospace-grade carbon fiber technology into military rifles. “Proof Research carbon fiber barrels are up to 50-percent lighter than steel barrels of similar contour, which is crucial for operators moving rapidly from one position to another and when carrying their gear over long distances,” said a company release. “The carbon fiber wrap also makes the barrel highly resistant to weather, grit, dings, scratches and all-around abuse.”

Proof Research barrels enjoy a reputation of delivering excellent accuracy. Precision rifle competition shooters routinely turn to Proof for match-grade rifle builds.

“PROOF Research is very proud to be the only carbon fiber barrel company that is trusted by our warfighters,” said a company release.

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