The U.S. military selected PROOF Research for advanced barrel systems.

PROOF Research recently announced winning a 12.7 million contract from the U.S. military. PROOF will deliver a prototype advanced composite medium caliber barrel and components for Next Generation weapon systems. The contract calls to increase performance in medium-caliber weapon systems.

PROOF Research Military Contract

PROOF already boasts experience producing advanced high-temperature composite aerospace/defense materials. The company’s cut-rifled steel and carbon-fiber composite precision rifle barrels remain popular for precision shooters and hunters. The systems offer up to 50-percent weight reduction and extreme accuracy performance. Now PROOF aims in on small caliber barrel technology for the U.S. military.

“This project demonstrates the scalability and performance advantages of PROOF’s technology in any weapon system,” stated PROOF Research CEO, Larry Murphy.

“It is a progression of our commercial and military small caliber products that will generate a tactical advantage in larger weapons. We are extremely excited about this opportunity to improve the tools available to our Warfighters,” siad John Clements, PROOF Research VP of Business Development and Military Programs.

The Army’s Next Gen project continues to produce lots of news. SIG Sauer, True Velocity and other companies currently vie for coveted positions supplying the military. Further, the effort promises to fundamentally change the military’s shoulder-fired weapon system. A new rifle, machine gun and ammo will likely emerge. Finally, after more than a half century in service, the M-16/M4 platform faces replacement.

“PROOF’s composite materials technology is unique in that it opens up the weapon design space to enable performance advantages that cannot be achieved with traditional materials and techniques. We design and build medium caliber weapon system barrels and components with characteristics previously not attainable,” said PROOF Research Advanced Composites Division General Manager and project Principal Investigator, David Curliss, PhD.

Army Next Gen and other military contract awards promises to keep changing. We’ll keep you up to date as more news emerges on these fronts.

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