Recently released officer body cam footage out of Kentucky shows just how fast a situation can turn. A seemingly routine stop turned fatal when armed felon Randall Lockaby pulled a gun out of nowhere. Footage shows officers quickly engage Lockaby, stopping the threat.

Armed Felon Randall Lockaby Pulls Gun on Officers

The incident began when police stopped a red Ford F-150 around 11 p.m. on the night of Feb. 20, reported WCPO 9. Officers Sean Dooley and Jacob Bolton approached the vehicle after an alleged traffic violation.

Officer Dooley proceeds to question the suspect, conversationally, while Bolton hangs back.

“Not that I care, is there any weapons in here?” Dooley asks.

“No,” Lockaby replies.

“I’m just curious, I always just ask,” Dooley says.

“Hey I don’t blame you, this is a dangerous job right here,” Lockaby says.

After a series of questions Dooley lets the suspect know he’s exhibiting suspicious behavior. After the suspect refuses a search, Dooley asks Lockaby to step out for a K9 drug sweep. Then, as Lockaby gets out of the truck, he growls “I can’t.” And that’s when he pulls the pistol.

Footage shows Dooley swipe at the pistol and back away. Then shots immediately ring out. But when viewing the vehicle footage, it shows Bolton pull his sidearm quickly to engage the threat. His action likely saved his partner’s life.

“I think it is very heroic, the effort of both, Officer Dooley to save his own life by smacking the barrel of the gun that Mr. Lockaby produced away from him and retreating around the front of the truck while he opened fire, and especially the performance of Officer Bolton,” Kenton County Commonwealth’s Attorney Rob Sanders said during a press conference, reported WPCO 9.

Police found Lockaby with two 9mm handguns, a .22 Derringer and also a Taurus revolver in .357, reported WPCO 9. A prior felony conviction in Pennsylvania for Lockaby made possession of the firearms illegal.

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