She survived a horrific attack at the hands of a serial rapist, but she’s hoping her story will help change the law and keep others safe.

Amanda Collins was one of the victims targeted in a string of attacks in and around the University of Nevada Reno campus. While her attacker, James Biela, has been sentenced to the death penalty, she still fears for others.

Collins says it’s time for state lawmakers to listen up and allow Nevada students to carry guns on college campuses.

The young woman plans to take her message to Carson City on Friday. She hopes her message and push for SB 231 will resonate with the Government Affairs Committee.

Nevada students are allowed to carry guns on campus in a limited capacity. However, this rape victim wants those prohibitions lifted.

She believes if she had been armed at school, she could’ve fought off her attacker and possibly saved another young woman’s life.

College coed Brianna Denison was raped and strangled to death during James Biela’s reign of terror in the fall of 2007.

Denison, who was a sophomore at Santa Barbara City College, was home visiting friends near the University of Reno campus when she was kidnapped.

Collins is convinced that she could have stopped Biela from getting to others if she was allowed to carry her gun at school.

“Had I been able to do so, two other rapes would’ve been prevented, and a life could’ve been saved,” said rape victim Amanda Collins.

Source: KTNV

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