Raytheon Excalibur S 155 round
Raytheon's New Excalibur S Gives Military Accurate, Laser-Guided Dependability

Raytheon is shopping around its all new laser-guided 155mm system.

The Excalibur S gives users more accuracy for moving targets, according to DoDBuzz.com.

The new Excalibur S 155 round, which was recently test-fired at Yuma Proving Grounds, Ariz., allows the munition to alter course in flight toward emerging or moving targets.

… In the event that a target location needs to be updated or corrected, the round is engineered to switch from GPS guidance to semi-active laser technology in flight, Paul Daniels, business development lead, Excalibur, Raytheon explained.

“Raytheon missile systems is investing in a dual-mode Excalibur variant called Excalibur S. It maintains its GPS guidance system but also adds a laser spot tracker which is a seeker that will detect laser energy from a laser designator and guide to that energy spot on a target,” Daniels told DoDBuzz.com.

“With the laser-guided weapon you just have to get the weapon in the vicinity of the target where the seeker can see the target. Then it will guide to it,” Daniels added.

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