11 Steps to Improve Army Fitness


11 Steps to Improve Army Fitness
Report: 11 Steps to Improve Army Fitness (CREDIT: U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Michael J. MacLeod)

The third International Congress on Soldiers’ Physical Performance was held in Boston from Aug. 18-21.

While at the symposium, Army Times picked up “11 Ways to Improve Army Fitness” that are based on “the latest fitness, nutrition and injury research.”

They include:

1. Get active, but don’t overdo it. A French study showed a decrease in working out away from the unit, post-deployment, could be a warning sign for stress-related problems. But service members who work out far beyond traditional amounts could be facing a behavioral addiction and may have anxiety issues.

2. Go high-tech — until you get bored. A full U.S. infantry battalion wore personal fitness devices as part of a test from September to March, with 146 soldiers taking part in a focus group with Army Public Health Command scientists after the program. The findings: Soldiers used the devices to measure their steps and track sleep habits, but eventually came to see them as “a ‘Big Brother’ tactic” and lost interest when “its novelty wore off or its use was mandated.”

For the remaining nine tips, visit Army Times.

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