Forty percent of Mexico gun crimes traced by the ATF last year used guns originally sold in Texas, according to a report issued Tuesday by a coalition of U.S. mayors.

The bipartisan advocacy group Mayors Against Illegal Guns reported that 2,076 guns recovered at crime scenes in Mexico were tracked to Texas by the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and Explosives.

Texas had the highest percentage of any state in the study. Another 36 percent of guns seized in Mexico were traced to sales in New Mexico, Arizona and California, according to the report by the coalition of 500 mayors. El Paso is not listed as part of the group.

“Illegal guns and their accompanying violence devastate communities across our country. Now we know more about how guns purchased here have helped sustain violent drug wars in Mexico,” New York City mayor and coalition co-chairman Michael R. Bloomberg said in a statement.

The report titled, The Movement of Illegal Guns Across the U.S.-Mexico Border, was based on ATF data provided to the organization in March.

The report mentioned “90 percent of guns recovered and traced from Mexican crime scenes originated from gun dealers in the United States.”

An El Paso Times investigation last year found that the “90 percent” figure, which was even quoted by President Barack Obama, refers to only the percentage of the guns submitted by Mexico to the ATF for tracing and not all guns seized in Mexico.

A spokesman for the National Rifle Association declined to comment on the new report because he had yet to see it.

Mayors Against Illegal Guns reported the ATF traced more than 5,000 guns from Mexico in 2009. The report showed the period from when a gun is purchased and then recovered in a crime in the U.S. is nearly 11 years, but the period was three years for guns in Mexico.

Source: Daniel Borunda for the El Paso Times.

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