A TikTok video circulating online shows one retired police K9 still ready for duty. Footage shows the dog seemingly staring off into space, then suddenly he hears the word, “Cocaine.” The K9 immediately locks in, his trigger from a career in law enforcement apparently still at the ready.

Retired Police K9 Ready for Cocaine

The video, reportedly out of Australia, shows a retired K9 named Dante, reported the New York Post. The reaction first posted in March, but now the video boasts more than 2.5 million views. Various other versions of the video now surpass the 30 million-mark, reported the New York Post.

Davey Rutherford, of Queensland, first posted the video to TikTok, reported the New York Post. Rutherford adopted the pooch following the dog’s retirement from law enforcement work. Captioned “sniffer dog knows English,” the video shows the dog lying on a bed. Then Rutherford breaks into a shopping list, naming bred, milk and other usual fare. Then he rattles off “cocaine” and Dante snaps back to attention.

The dog hilariously whips his head around, locking in on Rutherford. The pooch’s face wears a definitive “WTF did he just say?” look to it. Rutherford then says “Just kidding.” But Dante just keeps staring in seeming disbelief. Reactions online proved nearly as on point as Dante’s.

“Once a police dog always a police dog,” quipped one person on Twitter, according to the New York Post.

“I have just watched this 3 times to see the face,” said another viewer on TikTok, reported the New York Post.

Later, Rutherford posted another video of Dante’s talent, showing him “kicking” down a door to get into a room. Maybe this pooch has a little SWAT in him as well.

While we can’t know what went through Dante’s head, we’d like to think he’s currently daydreaming of running down long-haired cocaine dealers, maybe in Miami, in the mid-’80s. Yep, that’ll do nicely.

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