A group of volunteers gathered in sub-zero temperature to provide honor services for six military veterans and their loved ones at Fort Snelling National Cemetery in Minneapolis, Minn. The Memorial Rifle Squad which served on Monday now has the distinction of performing its duties on the coldest and warmest day since the team was founded in 1979.

“This, by far, is the coldest it has ever been. I’m finding that the wind is biting my face,” Terri Winter, the newly-elected, first female commander of the unit, told KARE 11.

The squad on Monday consisted of veterans of World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. The oldest member of the crew is 89-years-old. The Memorial Rifle Squad will brave any temperature to provide honor services for veterans and their families.

“I think they appreciate the fact that people remember that their relatives actually made a contribution to the country and it’s still being honored,” squad member Mike Rose said.

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