Eagle OPS Foundation

Rise Armament recently announced a new partnership with Eagle OPS Foundation. Moreover, the partnership supports veterans through a variety of programs.

Getting Veterans on the Range

Rise Armament’s primary involvement with the organization is through the Eagle OPS Freedom Shoots. Additionally, Rise sent five Watchman rifles to the shoot. At each Freedom Shoot, 10 veterans and/or service members participate in timed shooting competitions. Further, at the end of the shoot, the competitor with the best time receives a prize. Then that shooter is eligible to compete in a championship event in November. Also, Freedom Shoots take place monthly in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Eagle OPS encourages active duty, reservists, veterans, families and all patriots to come to the Freedom Shoots.

Freedom Shoots offer friendly competition. But more importantly, they provide veterans and other attendees an opportunity to build relationships and ease the difficult transition of returning home from active duty. Further, the events conclude with a discussion about how the group can reach more veterans. Finally, they work to build on the Eagle OPS mission of “connecting relationships and resources to bring our heroes home.”

“At RISE Armament, we have a great passion and desire to support our veterans in as many ways as possible,” stated Matt Torres, president of RISE Armament. “It was a simple decision to assist the Eagle OPS Foundation and their mission to support the transition veterans make when returning home.”

Eagle OPS Foundation

Johnathon Shepherd, founding partner of Eagle OPS adds: “The Eagle OPS Foundation understands that we cannot accomplish our mission of bringing our heroes home by ourselves. This is why we are very happy to welcome the partnership with RISE Armament. RISE Armament is the perfect partner for our Eagle OPS Freedom Shoots, and they are a model for all companies in being true difference-makers in the many veteran organizations they support.”

Eagle OPS began in 2016 as an outreach program found by Shepherd, a U.S. Marine, and his wife Jessica. Additionally, it started with a desire to give their business greater purpose and to fulfill their aspirations to be difference-makers in the veteran community. Also, they accomplish this through volunteering, event participation, fundraising and connecting veterans to the many resources available through the veteran service organizations in their communities. Meanwhile, in 2018, the Shepherds joined forces with friend and fellow Marine Stacy Hester. Together they co-founded Eagle OPS Foundation to more effectively impact the community.

For more information, visit eagleops.org.

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